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The Youth Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Southeast Michigan connecting youth to a brighter future. We are committed to providing high-quality youth programs, advocacy and supportive services. We connect youth, young adults and their families to resources and opportunities that enrich their lives, with special attention to those who are underserved.

Transformation Thursday - Meet Patrick!

Patrick Nevitt, TYCCA Former Youth

Patrick Nevitt joined The Youth Connection Career Academies in 2012. Patrick entered The Youth Connection (TYC) working at the Belle Isle Zoo. In 2013, Patrick’s internship with the Zoo and TYC ended as Patrick graduated from Osborn Math and Technology and attended Wayne County Community College, majoring in Business Management. Patrick is currently a member of the Cleveland Job Corps working as a facility maintenance trainee. Patrick has already completed private security and medical office support training.


Patrick will be finished with Job Corps in the summer of 2016, where he will move back home to Detroit and continue his studies and working with The Youth Connection. Patrick says “My experience with TYC was amazing! The best part of the program was learning new skills such as resume and cover letter training, workplace readiness, the recreational activities in the program like camping, nature hikes, and canoeing. I also enjoyed networking with other youth in the program activities.”


Congratulations, Patrick! We are proud of you.


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Transformation Thursday - Meet Chante!

Chante Wiggins, TYCCA Former Youth

Chante Wiggins joined The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) in summer of 2012. Chante entered The Youth Connection with a smiling face and started her internship as an executive assistant for Ms. Hill, the TYCCA Program Director, filing documents, answering phones and volunteering in activities with the youth. Chante states the best part of her internship was the ability to have a summer job, her exposure to recreational activities such as rock climbing, kayaking and zip-lining, and exploring different colleges in the TYCCA College Tour.


In 2014, Chante graduated from Winans Academy and she currently attends Western Michigan University (WMU) as a sophomore, majoring in Public Relations.  Chante also works part-time as a student ambassador for WMU giving college tours along with office and administrations duties. Chante says “The Youth Connection should be funded more because it helps young students in high school and college learn about many choices of careers, networking with other youth, and being exposed to new opportunities that will help youth succeed in the future”.


Congratulations, Chante! We are proud of you.


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Transformation Thursday - Meet Derrick!

Derrick King, Health Connection Program Assistant

Derrick King joined The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) early in the beginning of 2012. Derrick was a senior with no job, only a dream to one day help people. Multiple opportunities were made available upon his graduation from high school with the hard work and dedication of the very determined TYC staff.


The summer of 2012 was one for Derrick to remember because he would be working his first job and it didn’t matter to him that it was just a summer job. Derrick had chosen to intern with the Detroit Fire Department. During his summer at the training academy, Derrick learned about discipline, the true value of team work, unity, and developed stronger leadership skills.


In the summer of 2013, Derrick returned to The Youth Connection to participate in the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) program. He was placed at Nankin Mills in Westland. Nankin Mills is a Wayne County Park where the DNR has also made their presence felt. Derrick and other youth assigned to Nankin Mills were a huge part of their garden recovery project. Hard work, time, back breaking efforts, responsibilities and commitments were required to complete the job. It took a few weeks to complete but the job was done. Derrick was a youth leader at Nankin Mills. From the dedication displayed by Derrick, he earned an outstanding leadership award from The Youth Connection. Not only did he appreciate it, but he cherished it.


Later that year, an opportunity for employment became available with The Youth Connection’s I2D2 Fit n Fun Families Club health and nutrition education program. Derrick and 4 others were recommended for the job. Out of the 5, Derrick used what he learned most and was employed by the company he considers his family. Derrick has been a part of The Youth Connection staff for 2 years now.


Derrick’s favorite quote is when Dr. Dudley, the President and CEO of The Youth Connection says “we can’t expect others to help our youth if we’re not willing to help them ourselves.”


Congratulations, Derrick! We are proud of you.


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Transformation Thursday - Meet Kelsiana!

Kelsiana Gardner, TYCCA Former Youth

Kelsiana Gardner joined The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) in June 2013 and graduated from East English Village Preparatory Academy in 2014 with a 3.6 GPA. She is currently a sophomore at Wayne State University majoring in Film Studies. Her career goals are to become a film producer and own a film production company. As a result of her summer internship with TYCCA at the Marriott Hotel in 2015, she was hired as a part-time employee as a Lobby Attendant. In her short time as an employee of the Marriott in the Renaissance Center, she’s been recognized for her great work!


She received the monthly Safety Award for locating lost money of a hotel guest and received an award of acknowledgement for her diligence, dedication, and commitment to making the Marriot a better place to work. Kelsi, as she is affectionately known, said “Being in The Youth Connection really helped me in various ways, such as getting a real job, becoming a people person and overcoming my fear of communicating with other people.”


Congratulations, Kelsiana! We are proud of you.


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Transformation Thursday - Meet Frederick!

Frederick Smith, Social Media/Website Coordinator

Frederick Smith joined The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) in 2013. Frederick entered TYC with a smiling face and determined mindset of working in the field of Radio & Television. Having opportunities to explore the fields of broadcasting, medical and hospitality, Frederick was overwhelmed with the impact of Dr. Dudley and the staff’s determination to connect him and youth to a brighter future, thus made him believe in The Youth Connection.


In 2014, Frederick graduated from Specs Howard School of Media Arts with a Certificate in Broadcast Media Arts. After Specs, Frederick was hired as the Social Media/Website Coordinator for The Youth Connection. Frederick stated “The Youth Connection with open arms allowed me to evolve and succeed in any industry of my choice, and for that I’m forever grateful and will be there to help the youth”.


Congratulations Frederick! We are proud of you.


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Transformation Thursday - Meet Samad!

Samad Bellamy, TYCCA Fomer Youth

Samad Bellamy was a participant in The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) from 2010 through 2013. After his first summer internship with the Detroit Fire Department, Samad was convinced that becoming a fire fighter was the perfect career choice for him. Rather than rotate through other internships in subsequent summers, Samad stuck with the DFD each summer he participated in the TYCCA. “Captain Green (one of Samad’s internship supervisors) was a great mentor in terms of showing me what it takes to be a fire fighter,” said Samad.


Having the summer internship each year gave him the opportunity to visit the fire-fighting training academy and get a first-hand look at that way fire departments operate. He was able to learn the day-to-day operation of a fire station and experience fire fighters preparing for work after catching a call which helped fuel his passion in his choice of careers. It also helped him get acclimated to the work environment of a fast-paced fire station in Detroit.


Samad graduated from Davis Aerospace Academy in June, 2013, and enrolled in Schoolcraft College for the fall semester to earn his fire-fighting certificate. Upon receiving his certificate, Samad applied for, and was hired, by the Highland Park Fire Department in May, 2014. He has been working as a fire fighter there ever since. “Ms. Hill (TYCCA Program Director) told me during one of my mock interview sessions to not be afraid to let my passion for the job show during the interview. That helped me when I interviewed for my job. In fact, the interviewers told me that they could see my passion and commitment to the job and told me to be expecting a call offering me the job very soon.”


The Youth Connection is very proud to work with young people like Samad to help them get connected to a career and a brighter future. “There needs to be more programs like The Youth Connection to help kids figure out what they want to do in life and even if you think you know what you want to do it would help to be in this program,” said Samad.


Congratulations, Samad! We are very proud of you!


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Thank you Michigan First Credit Union!

The Youth Connection would like to thank Michigan First Credit Union for their unexpected visit to our offices earlier this month and donation of $1,000 to The Youth Connection to support our youth programming.We appreciate their generosity and willingness to work with us and our youth in the future! Thank you!

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