The Youth Connection 2017 Programming Participation and Highlights

Direct Service Population: 3,540 people in 2017


TYC Substance Abuse Prevention Education Classes

The Youth Connection offers Substance Abuse Prevention Education classes to middle school, high school and col­lege–aged youth in Wayne County. Using an evidence-based prevention curriculum, The Youth Connection provides our youth with a fantastic educational experience to prevent substance abuse and promote positive self-image, conflict resolution skills and positive communication among our families in Detroit.


2017 Total Participants: 151 youth


The Youth Connection Career Academies Tobacco Compliance Check Team

Youth that participated in TYCCA had an option to participate in tobacco retailer compliance checks. These youth were partnered with the Detroit Police Department and performed 38 SYNAR compliance checks on Detroit tobacco retailers to make sure the stores were not selling tobacco to minors. Youth reported their findings to the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority and the State Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Total participants: 4 youth


The Youth Connection Strengthening Families Program

The Youth Connection, in partnership with the Love Detroit Prevention Coalition and DWMHA, hosted a Strengthening Families program for parents and youth in the Osborn neighborhood. This research-based program helps families reconnect and tackles tough issues such as family communication and respect, goal-setting and family values. These trainings were a huge success for the families that participated in them.

2017 Total participants: 80 Detroit Parents and Youth (21 Families)


The Youth Connection I2D2 Community Fit ‘N’ Fun Family Clubs Obesity Prevention Program

The Youth Connection’s I2D2 campaign, in partnership with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Au­thority, focuses on educating students ages 6-12 and their parents in Wayne County about the values of healthy eating and active lifestyles. This evidence-based program was evaluated by Wayne State University School of Medicine MPH Department and featured at the American Public Health Asso­ciation’s Annual Conference as a proven program that works to reduce obesity and educate families about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.

2017 Total participants: 535 Detroit Parents and Youth


The Youth Connection Career Academies

The Youth Connection, in partnership with the Michigan DNR, the Michigan Economic Develop­ment Corporation and City Connect Detroit/Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, and Ally Bank enabled youth to partici­pate in paid summer internships, on-the-job training, work-readiness workshops and experience outdoor recreation activities this past summer. Youth participants in the program achieved a 100% graduation rate (for the last 5 years!) and 97% of youth participated in an outdoor recreational activ­ity they have never participated in before!

2017 Total participants: 245 Detroit Youth


The Youth Connection Ticket to Float Program

The Youth Connection partnered with the National Park Service River Raisin National Battlefield Park to provide a one-day kayaking and environmental education experience for over a thousand youth enlisting over 45 partner agencies. During July and August youth learned how to kayak on the Huron River, conducted water quality testing, studied environmental steward­ship, and were exposed to the history of the Wyandot Indians of the Anderdon Nation.

2017 Total participants: 1,259 Detroit Parents and Youth


The Youth Connection 16th Annual After-School/Back-to-School/Off-to-College Fair

The Youth Connection After‐School Fair is a one‐stop experience to get Detroit youth ready to go back to school and back to after‐school programs. This past year we included a 5K prevention walk to the Fair and had College vendors there ready to talk to students about attending their schools. We hosted hundreds of after-school programs, over 1,000 parents and youth, and a building full of student‐led college groups, healthcare professionals and healthcare companies to provide free services to our youth. This year we even hosted a Family Olympics area where kids and their parents participated in physical activity and learned about proper diet and exercise. We had almost 100 volunteers and many partner agencies pitch in to provide a day of fun, information and education on Belle Isle on Saturday, August 19th, 2017.

Total participants: 1,000 Detroit Parents and Youth; 100 volunteers, 100 after‐school programs


Comcast Internet Essentials Resume and Online Job Search Program

In partnership with Comcast, the Youth Connection provided computer literacy, resume, and online job-hunting seminars for parents and youth of the Osborn Community. The trainings were conducted the first week in September and gave over 30 people the chance to make/revise a resume and tips on using online job search sites. Comcast also promoted their $9.95 per month high speed internet program.

Total Participants: 66 parents and young adults from Detroit


Prior Accomplishments

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The Youth Connection Program Presentations - Data/Charts/Reports of Program Effectiveness

TYC Substance Abuse Prevention Effective[...]
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